Our community was started in early 2004, the original ad cluttered community forum was set up for one of our original sites. The forum, back then though, only lasted for only a few months before a man named August Christopher found it. He liked the ideals that our community was based on but didn't like the ads that the community forum had. So he offered a new forum, as well as new hosting, all paid for by him. August Christopher was a great man and didn't take no for an answer so Gary and the other community founders accepted.

This started the current forum community that we enjoy now at www.fortfamilyforums.com. ACFan was added to their team a few days later, along with his site also being added to August Christophers offered hosting. August, it seemed, was starting to gather us from the far reaches of the sites like geocities and other ad sites. He didn't want to see our stories and our sites get lost in the sea of chaos out there on the net.

Before we knew it the forum had many sites and a growing population of members. Although the Owner/Admin existed back then, August actually owned everything. The Owners were just the ones that dealt with what August didn't want to.

But then a year later, in 2005, we got news that August Christopher passed away. That was when the owners actually became the real owners of the board. we were determined to not see what August Christopher helped us build die and so we searched for our own ways of hosting our sites, and depending on the donations of our readers and board members, we survived.

To this day we do our best to still keep going what August Christopher first offered to us, a safe place to host stories where they will never disappear as well as a community to help the authors out and provide a place where readers could comment on their stories. And we continue on in his memory to this day.

Your legacy will live on inside us all.

If you are here to access information on this site then please contact us at dsshosting@gmail.com for instructions.